Steele Leasing – Your trusted destination for vehicle leasing.

At Steele Leasing, we offer a flexible and personalized leasing experience. Serving all of Atlantic Canada, Steele Leasing has the largest and most diverse selection of commercial fleet.

We understand the importance of accommodating the changing needs of your business and can provide a solution to reflect those needs – Giving you a seamless process, ensuring you get your vehicles on time, ready to work.

Why Steele Leasing

  • Personalized one on one experience.
  • Flexible lease structures to fit your unique situation in your unique industry.
  • You have the freedom of choice with access to the largest inventory of new and used vehicles in Atlantic Canada.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced leasing professionals will assist you in selecting the exact vehicle you want at a payment that meets your budget.
  • A leasing partner that understands your unique situation, and can provide a solution to reflect your business needs.

When your company is looking for a leasing provider, your first choice should be Steele Leasing.

Benefits of Steele Leasing

  • The largest selection of vehicle inventory in Atlantic Canada.
  • Access to a full range of manufacturer fleet pricing.
  • Lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs available.
  • Open-ended leases tailored to each client’s unique requirements.
  • Terms tailored to your company’s profile and individual needs.
  • Negotiated competitive assistance to provide maximum leverage on vehicle acquisitions.

Advantages of Commercial Auto Leasing

For businesses, leasing may have significant financial benefits:

  • Leasing a commercial/business vehicle is less capital-intensive than purchasing, so if a business has constraints on its capital, it can grow more rapidly by leasing property than it could by purchasing the property outright.
  • Leasing a commercial/business vehicle may provide more flexibility to a business which expects to grow or move in the relatively short term, it gives a lessee more flexibility to renew the lease at the end of its term to help with the cost of buy back. This will allow the lessee to continue to use the vehicle as an expense.
  • Depreciation of capital assets has different tax and financial reporting treatment from ordinary business expenses. Lease payments on a commercial/business vehicle are considered expenses, which can be set off against revenue when calculating taxable profit at the end of the relevant tax accounting period.

Types of Lease Arrangements

Open Ended Lease

  • We work with you to construct an appropriate structure that matches your needs, application and industry.
  • Our Leasing Manager will determine a residual that will minimize exposure and maximize cash flow.
  • With an open ended lease, there are no KM charges.
  • You can add in aftermarket upfits to your vehicle and work into your payment residual.
  • Your residual will reflect a true end value with you assuming responsibility for said residual.

Closed Ended Lease

  • You will have fixed lease payments and have no exposure to end of term residuals.
  • No need to worry about depreciation or market conditions.
  • Works with more fixed terms and conditions.

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